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  • Max Papis Innovations
  • 2019 - 2023
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Building Awareness With Consistent Visual Branding

Veteran racer Max Papis has developed the racing industry’s safest steering wheel dubbed Max Papis Innovations (MPI). When it came time to help them spread the word for the brand, MPI turned to Eyenovation to help them with creative direction and social outreach. We worked hand-in-hand with their team to develop a few key assets for their internal team to then use in perpetuity.

For Racers. By Racers.

With our extensive background in racing and motorsport, we were not only able to create compelling design work for MPI — we created designs that exuded authenticity.  We live and breathe racing and were able to capture the emotion and passion in a variety of deliverables.

MPI brand awareness grew considerably as a result of our work


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